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Title Abstract Author Company
Inclusions in melting process of titanium and titanium alloys
Effect of vacuum on porosity and mechanical properties of high-pressure die-cast pure copper
Microstructural evaluation and mechanical properties of 7075 aluminum alloy prepared by controlled diffusion solidification
A three dimensional modeling method for spherical open cell aluminum foams based on spherical core stratification algorithm
Ultrasonic flaw detection of discontinuous defects in magnesium alloy materials
In-situ observations of dendritic fragmentation during directional solidi?cation of Sn-10wt.% Bi alloy
Humidity-resistant inorganic binder for sand core making in foundry practice
Finite element analysis for die casting parameters in high-pressure die casting process
Investigations on tribo-mechanical behaviour of Al-Si10-Mg/sugarcane bagasse ash/SiC hybrid composites